Time banking can make things simpler

From my experience over the last 15 years one of the most difficult things I face is 'how to price a job?', I'm very happy to quote individual jobs but I've come up with a solution to make things clearer and more simple for both me (the designer) and you (the client) and this is ... time banking. This is how it works:

My set hourly rate is £30/hr. With time banking you buy a bundle of hours per month at a discount price and we work together on a variety of jobs you need to either get your business off the ground, attract more customers for your current business, create new promotions or advertising materials, or anything else you need creating to help your business.

8 hours = £232

10 hours = £280

12 hours = £324

15 hours = £390

But how long will it take to do a job?

I will estimate how long each part of the work will take so you get an idea of how many hours you need for a specific job or jobs. For example a new logo design would take around 12 hours. A double sided leaflet design 2 hours etc etc. I will then keep a record of time spent in a time keeping app and send updates. This makes things clear between designer and client. 

I will also quote for individual pieces of work, just get in touch and we can work something out together.


Please email for any further info: hello@racheledgedesign.co.uk